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Autor Foods was born 100 years ago in 1918 and since then, our company has strived to bring products of excellent quality into the market. What started as a family business is now a young and ambitious enterprise. We are located in the flagship setting of the Ebro Valley and within an industry that has experienced great changes in recent yeats. Our know-how and breadth of experience in the canned food industry has made us industry leaders.
We have gone from artisanally elaborating and preserving local produce to becoming a highly specialised company in the production of cooked vegetables, but we have maintained the same level of care and pride for everything that we put into the market.
Our company culture is commited to the protection of the environment and therefore we promote an ecological culture throughout the entire process, from the land to the consumer.

We elaborate cooked pulses of the highest quality

100 years

“We are committed to providing convenient and healthy foods with a creative touch and to always useing pulses of the highest quality,contributing to a balanced diet for the whole family”

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Our suppliers are chosen according to our strict quality standards. We demand that all their accreditations are up-to-date, and work closely with each one of them in the field. This close collaboration helps us both define our needs and work together to solve any difficulty that might arise along the way. This way of understanding quality makes each of our providers a travel companion.
We renew annually our IFS and the FDA certifications.
We belong to the CPAER (Regulatory Counsel of Organic Agricultural Production of La Rioja). This organisation performs strict controls and helps us to differentiate and promote our products.

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“It is not enough being good, you need to strive for the best and work on quality every day and on every level. At Autor Foods this is how we do things.”


At Autor Foods we have an exclusive R+D department and cooperate with external labs such as the CNTA (National Cantre for Food Technology and Safety). The two main goals of this department are: to produce the best cooked pulses’ products in the market and to develop new ones that satisfy the evolving demands of our customers.

Our products combine the pulses’ own carbohydrates, proteins, fibre, minerals and vitamins with other foods such as vegetables, which complement their flavour; quinoa, with its exceptional nutritional properties; and spices, such as curry or turmeric, for an exotic touch.

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Bringing innovative products to our industry

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We are very aware of our responsibility within the food chain. In order to safeguard the adherence to the regulations surrounding our area of activity we have implemented a Compliance Framework. We have made this framework our own, and have actively participated in its definition in collaboration with industry experts.

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