Natexpo Fair 2018

Autor Foods Commits to Superfoods at the Natexpo

25 September 2018.

With more than a century of history, Autor Foods has made a decisive commitment to superfoods and exotic spices in the production of its tinned pre-cooked pulses and organic pulses. Thus was made clear at Natexpo, the International Organic Product Trade Show held in Lyon (France) on 23 and 24 September. It’s one of the most important worldwide food sector events at which they proved they can reinvent themselves after more than a hundred years operating in this market. “Natexpo is a meeting point for sector professionals and attending this trade show has given a boost to this hundred-year-old yet small and family-operated company,” said José Luis Díez, Managing Director of Autor Foods. “It was also a great opportunity to prove to the world just how well we do things at food companies in Spain in general and in La Rioja in particular.” The common denominator of all those in attendance at Natexpo was innovation as most of them have launched some new product in the last year. As for Autor Foods, its developments in the R&D department have focused on combining pulses with new ingredients. “We’ve begun adding the so-called “superfoods” such as quinoa as well as exotic spices like curcumin and curry with very good results,” explained Díez. Although Autor Foods also has a conventional line of products, all the products exhibited at Natexpo were from its line of organic pulses. The organic market grew nearly 25% last year and brought in more than 1.5 billion euros according to the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture. Moreover, Spain leads in organic production and is also among the top ten countries that consume these products the most.

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