Lucas Cardone, Chairman of Autor Foods

Lucas Cardone, the new chairman of Autor Foods

Autor Foods has taken another step in its internationalization process by naming a new Chairman – agricultural engineer and Argentine businessman Lucas Cardone, who has also become the company’s majority shareholder as of October.

Having Cardone on the Autor Foods management team will reinforce the road taken by the company in the last three years during which it has focused on strengthening its role as an exporter and tinned vegetable producer. Especially important is the tinned pre-cooked pulses and organic pulses sector as a distributor brand while always highlighting its own brands (Picuezo, Picuezo Selección, Rabinad and Rabinad Bio), which have been in the sector for more than a century.

“The long Autor Foods history is quite admirable in this sector. We’re now facing a new era during which we must take advantage of all this baggage to go even further,” says Cardone. “We want to build up our exporting nature and boost our role as a pulses partner for food retail,” he adds.

Cardone has become Chairman of Autor Foods after three years as a minority shareholder during which he got to know and internalized the company’s operations and values. What’s more, Cardone has been the owner of the company Exportadora de Legumbres Specialities Argentinas for more than 14 years. Thus, his professional experience will help the company attain the goals it has set out.