Sustainable and responsible with the environment


The rise in the demand for organic food and its importance for millions of consumers is a trend that is here to stay.

Spain is already among the ten leading countries in the consumption of organic foods and their production is increasingly competitive and rigorous.

At Autor Foods we are aware of the positive impact that this trend has on our society and we want to contribute to it. This is why we are working towards projects that will guarantee the continuity of such products in the future.



We guarantee that all our cooked pulses and beans labelled as such come from sustainable agriculture and are free from environment damaging pesticides. In this way, we contribute to the protection of land and water ecosystems and all natural resources.

At Autor Foods we rigorously apply the CPAER stamp which in turn gives us greater control over the whole process. This stamp guarantees the certification process of the pulses that we use, differentiates us from other regions, and reflects our commitment to what we do.

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