Tinned foods with the best pulses and
the most innovative ingredients


Our offer of tinned pre-cooked pulses includes a large variety of tinned pre-cooked beans: white, red, pinto, black-eyed and black. You can find all of these pre-cooked pulses in glass containers or tins in different formats. We produce them under our own brands (Picuezo Selección, Picuezo and Rabinad) and under distributor brands. Beans are one of the pulses with the most varieties as they’re grown in many different places.

Picuezo Selección white beans
Picuezo white beans
Rabinad white beans
Picuezo white beans with vegetables
Beans are referred to by different names based on their place of origin: Great Northern, cannellini or white kidney, fayot or flageolet, lima beans or butter beans…. At Autor Foods, we offer up to six different types of tinned pre-cooked beans which we export to countries all over the world. The assortment of pre-cooked beans we produce at Autor Foods includes tinned foods that combine these pre-cooked pulses with bits of vegetables such as leek, red peppers, tomatoes, green peppers, onions and carrots.
Picuezo Selección white beans with shiitake mushrooms
Picuezo Pinto Beans
Picuezo red beans
Rabinad red beans
We also offer another line of just plain tinned pre-cooked pulses. Our varieties of tinned beans are completed with combinations based on these pre-cooked pulses and special ingredients we develop thanks to our constant R&D work. Thanks to our decisive commitment to research and the development of new products, we’ve launched a large quantity of all-new products onto the market.
Picuezo tinned white beans
Rabinad tinned white beans
Picuezo tinned red beans
Rabinad tinned red beans
As a result of our commitment to research and the development of new products, we’ve launched a large quantity of new products onto the market such as white beans with vegetables and kombu algae. And, of course, our white beans with shiitake mushrooms, which were awarded the “Salute to Excellence 2020” in the main dish category organized by the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA).
Picuezo tinned black-eyed beans
Picuezo tinned black beans
Picuezo tinned pinto beans


The tinned pre-cooked chickpeas we produce at Autor Foods are one of our most popular tinned pre-cooked pulses among our national and international customers. We offer pre-cooked 8 mm and 9 mm chickpeas. All the varieties of chickpeas are marketed under our own brands (Picuezo Selección, Picuezo and Rabinad) but we can also produce them under a distributor brand.
Picuezo Selección chickpeas
Picuezo 9 mm chickpeas
Picuezo 8 mm chickpeas
Rabinad chickpeas
Our offer of pre-cooked pulses includes products produced only with chickpeas and others to which we add various vegetables (carrots, peppers, onions, tomatoes), for a really complete main dish. One of our most outstanding tinned pre-cooked chickpea varieties are our milky white chickpeas with black truffle: a novel combination we’ve been able to develop thanks to our food innovation work.
Picuezo chickpeas with vegetables
Picuezo Selección chickpeas with black truffle
Picuezo tinned chickpeas
Rabinad tinned chickpeas


As specialists in pre-cooked pulses, we offer a wide range of tinned products including pre-cooked lentils. At Autor Foods, we produce these pre-cooked pulses under the brands Picuezo Selección, Picuezo and Rabinad in the standard glass jar and tin formats in a half kilo, 1 kilo and 3 kilos. We also produce pre-cooked lentils in these types of containers under a distributor brand.
Picuezo Selección Lentils
Picuezo Lentils
Rabinad Lentils
Rabinad tinned lentils


Along with our beans, chickpeas and lentils, we also produce other pre-cooked pulses: broad beans and lima beans. Autor Foods tinned broad beans and lima beans are pre-cooked pulses we market in a tin format of different sizes, with and without easy-open ends, as well as in a special hotel and restaurant format. Our broad beans are available in a jar.
Picuezo Broad Beans
Rabinad Broad Beans
Picuezo tinned lima beans
Picuezo tinned broad beans