More than a century producing quality pulses
all while respecting the environment


The history of Autor Foods has developed in parallel to the history of Spanish tinned food manufacturers. A century of life offers a whole lot, but we believe the best part of the story is yet to come. Shall we write it together?


The Cuevas family founded the plant in the Riojan town of Autol as one of the first tinned food manufacturers in Spain.


The 1940s brought the first phase of process mechanization which mainly influenced the production lines.


The company became modernized as one of the first tinned foods manufacturers to add an autoclave.


Our international expansion began in the 1980s, combining the Spanish market with exports.


The century arrived with a commitment to organic pulses and a new business vision focusing on specialization.


The production process is comprised of several phases which are all completed at our 8,000 square metre tinned foods plant located in the town of Autol, in the north of Spain. There we have different warehouses to ensure conventional products never come into contact with the organic products.

Balsas de hidratación de Autor Foods


The process begins with pulse hydration. We put them in tubs, also known as soaking silos, where they remain for just the right amount of time required by each variety. The water used first undergoes an osmosis process.

Hidratación y escaldado de las legumbres cocidas en Autor Foods


After completing the hydration process, the next step is to remove the pulses from the tubs where they are soaked to begin the scalding process. This food production process consists of cooking the pulses for a very short period of time.

Embotado y envasado de productos en Autor Foods


The filling machines dose the exact quantity of each product in the chosen container (glass jar or tin). Afterwards, the containers are moved along a line equipped with X-ray detectors to guarantee their suitability.

Esterilización de las conservas en las autoclaves de Autor Foods


The autoclaves are containers used for sterilization. The combination of pressure, temperature and time applied makes it possible to achieve the desired finish for our products. It also ensures all food standard requirements are met.

Productos etiquetados en Autor Foods


The final phase in the tinned product manufacturing process is labelling, which is done for our brands as well as the distributor brands. The batch numbers and best before dates are also marked on the containers during this phase.


As tinned vegetable manufacturers, food safety is one of our priorities. That’s why we do exhaustive quality controls in all phases of the production process. These controls start upon receiving the raw materials at our warehouses and continue all the way until the end products are sent to their destinations.

Quality control upon product reception at Autor Foods

The first quality control is done following receipt of the raw materials. Samples are taken to conduct the pertinent analyses in accordance with the laws in effect. Furthermore, the processes the products will go through to do the corresponding tests are also established. Entries are documented to control traceability.


Quality control prior to tinned food production

The second quality control takes place before the production process. It allows us to detect and eliminate any foreign matter in the raw materials and discard any damaged products or even whole batches. The sizes of the pulses are then calibrated to achieve the desired homogeneity in the products. After they’re processed, they’re analysed again to check the quality.

Quality control following tinned food packaging

After packaging the products, another quality control is done using the X-ray detectors to reject any products that may contain some type of foreign element. All products not compliant with the expectations and high standards we impose at Autor Foods for each and every one of the products that leave our facilities are withdrawn.


Final quality control for tinned foods

Before subjecting the products to the sterilization process, each autoclave undergoes a quality control consisting of microbiological sterility testing. This same testing is again done with the already sterilized products. It also includes controls to ensure the organoleptic, weight, pH and quality requirements are fulfilled as stipulated by law.



The Autor Foods workforce is made up of a team of professionals who specialize in different areas of tinned food production. This allows us to offer all of our customers an integrated service. We’re a united, stable and coordinated team that has been working for years to guarantee the highest quality products and service.


Their main mission is to manage our human and financial resources. Their duties include processing and paying taxes, monitoring bank movements and billing in addition to accounts payable and receivable.


Their work involves spreading awareness for our tinned pulses and vegetables. They’re also responsible for managing relations with current customers, recruiting new customers and closing sales.


Their aim is to enforce Autor Foods policies pursuant to the established standards. They implement supervision criteria and ensure the requirements of the Quality Management System are met as per the legal framework.


The industrial team is responsible for the production process which includes everything from the identification of the raw material to production planning and completion.


The logistics department plans and manages the movement of raw materials with our suppliers. Likewise, it does this work for finished products and with our customers.


The preparation and implementation of the Autor Foods communications strategy. Relations with the media, event organization and the promotion of actions along with suppliers and customers.


The Autor Foods facilities occupy more than 8,000 square metres to produce tinned pulses and vegetables. A large industrial complex equipped with highly efficient production lines and machinery with state-of-the-art technology makes us one of the leading tinned food manufacturers.


Food safety guides all our production processes as tinned food manufacturers. That’s why we undergo various external audits every year to prove the adequacy of our work methods and revalidate our food certificates in order to meet our customers’ expectations.