Anuga Food Fair 2019

Autor Foods attends the Anuga Food Fair with support from ICEX

More than 500 Spanish companies, including Autor Foods, attended the event Anuga Food Fair 2019, held in Cologne on 5th October. This highly important event in Europe and the world achieved record numbers: 7,590 exhibitors presented their innovative products to more than 165,000 visitors from 190 different countries.

The Anuga Food Fair is structured into ten specialized events that all come together under one roof: Anuga Fine Food, Gourmet, Chilled Food, Meat, Frozen Food, Dairy, Bread & Bakery, Drinks, Catering Tec and Retail Tec, making it the ideal scenario for international projection and the solidification of synergies among professionals all over the world.

Of the 500 participating Spanish stakeholders, 283 registered as exhibitors with support from ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade). The culinary proposals from each of them revolved around innovation in products and the production process, the origin and quality of the raw materials as well as a concern for environmental sustainability. These cornerstones seem to demonstrate a clear market trend towards offering the best products in detriment to cost savings and/or end prices.

The primary distributors stand out due to the launch of premium brands as they face consumers who are evolving towards more awareness of the nutritional value of their food and a growing concern for the environment.

According to Nielsen Consumer Insights Spain, in a study for Fairtrade Ibérica (2018), 59% of all consumers are willing to pay 10-20% more for a sustainable product. Their reasoning lies in support for a just cause, getting products with healthy ingredients and minimizing the environmental impact.

Aware of this demand, Autor Foods is working along these lines to turn the quality of our tinned foods into the distinctive seal of our corporate identity all while committing to innovation with our own R&D department, in collaboration with external laboratories like the Spanish National Food Technology and Safety Centre (CNTA).

Autor Foods tries to stay on the cutting edge of food production and thus was relayed at the Anuga Food Fair this year where we told the world about the quality of our pulses with all-natural ingredients and our commitment to new ingredients like shiitake mushrooms and kombu algae.