Autor Foods 2020 IFS Certificate

Autor Foods revalidates its IFS certification with excellence

The organization NSF International awarded IFS Food certification to Autor Foods with an excellent rating, giving the production process a score of 98.62 out of 100 at the Autol plant (in La Rioja). This is where we have been producing our tinned vegetables and tinned pre-cooked pulses, both conventional pulses as well as organic pulses, under our own brands (Picuezo, Picuezo Selección, Rabinad and Rabinad Bio) as well as under a distributor brand for more than a century.

This score is at the highest level granted by NSF International with its International Featured Standards (IFS) certification, which is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for auditing companies in the food sector. It provides customers and end consumers with the guarantee that all Autor Foods products comply with the highest safety, quality and sustainability standards.

The verdict was rendered after an inspection of the Autor Foods plant and evaluating all the company’s production processes: pulse hydration, osmosis, sterilization, packaging, quality controls… All the processes met the rigorous requirements stipulated by the organization NSF International. The positive result of this audit authorizes Autor Foods to use the NSF trademark as a symbol of compliance.

The Managing Director of Autor Foods, José Luis Díez, expressed his satisfaction with this news and explained that this high score is “a real achievement” as it’s not all that habitual in this sector. ”It’s a reward for a job well done and recognition for our entire workforce which shows total implication day after day,”, he added. Even still, he says there’s still a lot of work to be done. “At Autor Foods, we don’t see it any other way.”