White bean tinned food manufacturing

Pulses and fungi combine for the best tinned food

As part of its constant search for innovation, Autor Foods is launching onto the market two new varieties of tinned pulses. The company’s now offering white beans with shiitake mushrooms and chickpeas with truffle. These varieties of tinned foods with unique flavour are the perfect response to an original menu of the highest quality.

Shiitake mushrooms are mushrooms of Japanese origin that are deeply rooted in Spanish gastronomy and which have a flavour with smoked and meaty touches. They’re perfect for accompanying any dish. This mushroom variety is juicy and tender, meaning it’s the perfect combination with tinned white beans. Added to the flavour and benefits, such as a high fibre content, is the quality and taste of the best white beans which makes for the perfect dish to surprise as it’s an innovative product of the highest quality.

On the other hand, truffles are one of the most highly valued mushroom varieties in cooking all over the world due to the taste and aroma added to just about any dish not to mention the versatility when combining with any other food. It’s a gourmet product that Autor Foods has made available to consumers in its all-new tinned chickpeas with truffle. This is a never-before-seen combination of flavours which brings haute cuisine right to local supermarket shelves.

The launch of these products comes in response to the growing demand for everyday products of premium quality, going one more step in conventional cooking and offering a gourmet touch to everyday foods. And this is all done without forgetting product accessibility and ease of consumption, the end goal with all tinned products.

Autor Foods has combined the richness offered by the most traditional Mediterranean cuisine with the innovation and boldness of haute cuisine to offer a novel product of premium quality that is accessible for consumers.