Everything you need to know to choose the products to showcase at a food fair

The schedules of food companies are fully booked with fair dates which are held all year round, all over the world. Although their planning may seem much the same at first glance, there is one matter that always looms large: how to decide which products to showcase at each fair.

Fairs are one of the most practical and appealing means of building awareness of agri-food companies. Attending those fairs also allows businesses to gain insight into their competition in the market, seek new synergies, discover possible ways of collaborating with other producers and, naturally, prospect for new clients.

To this end it is crucial to choose the products to showcase at a food fair meticulously, given that they can pique new clients’ interest and make the company stand out from competitors in an event with national and even international impact.

These are all the things you need to consider when deciding which goods to display at a food fair:


Study the market and the demand

In order to know which products to take to a food fair, it is essential to study the market and the demand to find out what opportunities are out there. It is not just a matter of setting a reasonable price for your products, but also of understanding the ins and outs of the sector in which you operate.

Market and demand analysis will allow you to pinpoint which products from your catalogue are most in demand to showcase to potential buyers at your stand. This knowledge will also be invaluable when it comes to striking up a conversation with prospective clients. This way, your interaction will not begin with vague and ambiguous questions, but with a firm demonstration of your understanding of the market and the most in-demand products.


Research the needs of the target customers

The selection of your products to showcase at a fair should be geared towards your objectives. If you aim to attract a certain buyer, you should study their needs and choose the products that they will be willing to acquire.

All companies that attend a food fair have identified beforehand the customers that they want to reach. Therefore, it is essential that the research goes beyond a list of names. You need to know your target customer needs in order to determine which products and sizes might be of their interest.

The most effective way to pique their attention is to put on display the exact product they need with the features they seek. To make sure the customer sees it amongst the many stands at a food fair, we recommend you to invite them to stop by your stand prior to the event.


Go over the products in stock

Food fairs can be a good way to get rid of your stock. If for some reason your warehouses have a surplus of a certain product, use the fairs as an opportunity to dispose of it. Make samples of those products and include them in the selection you intend to showcase at the fair.

For that it is key to run a thorough inventory check beforehand to determine the exact quantity that you can offer to your buyers. Doing so should also allow you to work out whether you can offer the client a larger amount of the product and the delivery timeframe.

On top of that, it goes without saying that you should be open to negotiation. If your priority is to turn excess stock into cash, you must be able to offer a competitive price.


Focus on staple products

The catalogue of every food business always features a selection of staple goods. They are the products that the company can produce the quickest and that oftentimes are the main source of revenue or provide the company with a higher profit margin. They may also be the company’s best-known products, which is an asset that you should make the most out of.

Staple products should always appear in the selection of products showcased at a food fair. It is a very clever way to attract new clients and with a pinch of good customer service, they might even extend their purchases to products from other categories in medium term.


Showcase cutting-edge products

The food fairs are a perfect opportunity for many companies to show their innovativeness. If your company has an R&D department and develops new products, you should bring them to the fair.

Companies are eager to share their cutting-edge products with end customers and always seek novelties at the fairs, which are usually located in a zone designed specifically for them. There even are contests held to award the most innovative products within each category. Your latest developments should be there, no matter which sector you are in. There is always room for innovation.

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